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Location of the conference:

mdw - University of music and performing arts Vienna

Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna

for further details see Location

 Schedule of the conference

Thursday, 24th October


14:00 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Opening Ceremony

Welcome words: Johannes Marian (mdw), Till A. Körber (EPTA Austria) and Johannes Meissl (mdw)

Keynote Speech: Anton Voigt (AT)

Busoni's "Demands For Pianists" - Outdated or Timely?

15:00 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Andrew Higgins (UK)

The Versatile Pianist

15:00 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Justin Krawitz (US)

Performing Silence:

A Pianistic Contemplation of Playing When Not Playing

15:45 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Konstantin Semilakovs (AT)

Colour - music by Scriabin and Messiaen: Revealing the phenomenon of synaesthesia


15:45 Fanny Hensel- Saal

Martin Reiter (AT)

Jazz Ahead - Pop, Rock and Jazz Keyboard- basics


Coffee Break

17:00 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Carol Gingerich (US)

Time and Space - The Piano as Resonator

17:00 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Siobhán Kilkelly (IRL)

Piano and more: Using improvisation in the development of Young Pianists





18:00 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Recital: Musikschule Wien / Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule


19:30 Bankettsaal


takes place at Bankettsaal of mdw (Ground Floor near Mensa)


Sunday, 27th October

10:00 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Midori Koga (CA): Teaching Beyond the Piano (1) Exploring Sound Through Musical Embodiment and „Voca-Gesturing“
10:00 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Nancy Litten (UK): Musicianship for Pianists, a Teacher’s Guide
10:45 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Jessica Johnson (US): Teaching Beyond the Piano (2) Exploring Sound Through Musical Embodiment and „Con-Dancing“
10:45 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Luis Pipa (PT): Entering the Spirit of Mozart - The Construction of a  New Ending to the Fantasy in D minor, KV 397
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Closing Ceremony Recital: students of MdW an Anton-Bruckner-University
13:00 End of Conference












Friday, 25th October


9:00 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Miha Haas (SI)/ Gal Faganel (US)

“The Piano is Too Loud!” – Acoustical Considerations and Practical Solutions for Performance of Duo Sonatas with Cello and Piano

9:00 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Karolinka de Bree (NL)

The Kaduk Keyboard - Making and Usage of a Smaller Keyboard installed in a Grand Piano

9:45 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Karen Schlimp (AT)

Pianomobile – Sound Extensions and Pianomusic in Public Spaces

9:45 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Rebekka Angervo (FI)

“Climbing up the Music Ladder” -New Piano Group Teaching Methods in Finland



Coffee Break


11:00 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Milos Pavlović (SRB)

Piano Music by Vladimir Tošić


11:00 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Alberto Urroz (ES)

Unveiling Scarlatti: Imagination is the key!

11:45 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Isabel Gabbe (AT)

"Everything is allowed, just do not play everything!" - Efficient learning technique, which creates great musical results

11:45 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Ida Gamulin (HRV)

Post Romantic Colours of Fin-de-siècle in Piano Miniatures by Countess Dora Pejačević



14:00 - 17:30

Guided tours to selected historical places:

14:30 Schönberg-Center

14:30 Bösendorfer Stadtsalon

15:00 Beethoven-Haus

16:30 Schubert-Haus

16:30 Haydn-Haus

14:00 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Recital: piano students of mdw/JSBM are playing pieces for 6-12 hands on multiple pianos

14:45 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Elisabeth Aigner-Monarth (AT)

TWOgether – Piano and … An innovative approach to Chamber Music for young pianists


Coffee Break


16:00 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Albert Sassmann (AT):

The Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition: putting contemporary piano works for young learners to the test




19:30 Schlosstheater Schönbrunn

Recital/ Schlosstheater Schönbrunn

Stefan Gottfried and Friends – Viennese Classic in "Originalsound"

















Saturday, 26th October


9:30 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Ludwig van Beethoven Department – „A Piano Pedagogical Lab“





11:30 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Jean-Jacques Dünki (CH)

TETRAPTERON - A Keyboard Quartet for Piano, Harpsichord, Celesta and Clavichord. Challenges and Difficulties

11:30 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Tomas Dratva (CH)

First Contact – Introducing Contemporary Piano Music to Young Adults

12:15 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Zheji Klodi/Marsida Koni (AL)

Albanian Pianistic Music

12:15 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Yuval Admony (IL) / Tami Kanazawa (JP)

Symphonic Echos in Two Pianos

Narrated Recital



13:30 Rektoratssitzungssaal

General Meeting of EPTA Austria held in the Sitzungssaal of mdw (only for members)

14:30 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Heribert Koch (DE)

Singing Hammers – A Practical Approach to a Transcendental Experience

14:30 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Michaela Paller (DE)

New rhythmic moduls for creative piano teaching

15:15 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Mathilde Hoursiangou (AT)

SAITEN-TASTEN inside studies for the other piano


15:15 Fanny Hensel-Saal

Aleksandra C. Glavina/Tamara R. Locatelli (Duo Excentury / SL)

Slovene Music for  two handed Piano and two Pianos from 1825 till nowadays




16:30 Joseph Haydn-Saal


Moderation: Isabel Gabbe (AT)

Versatile instrument - versatile lessons – versatile education


17:30 Fanny Hensel-Saal

AGM and Executive Meeting


19:30 Joseph Haydn-Saal

Recital/ Students of Universities and Conservatories of Austria



In addition to the lectures and concerts there is a presentation of “Musik Müller / Mayrische Musikalienhandlung” (shows a vast sortiment of scores and books) as well as presentations from diverse editions,

like Universal Edition, Music Publishing Doblinger, Ed. Holzschuh, Alfred Music Publishing GmbH and more.